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Web Design Tip of the Day - Managing Content of Your Presentation Website - Content Management System

If you are a small or medium presentation website owner, and sometime you ask yourself - what would be easier - edit your site yourself, or regularly ask your web design company or a web support colleague to work on website edits - then most probably you would love to have a Content Management System (CMS) for your website.

More than that, if you are not a web maniac - you would prefer that Content Management System to be very easy and self-explanatory.

There is plenty of Content Management Systems (CMS) developed around the world - with different complexity, for different web technologies etc. However there is one big disappointment you may face - the most "popular" of them are being continuousely improved by their support teams - which, in most cases, follows to overcoding and availability of millions of features at once for users - making it difficult to use, and difficult to customize to all your needs.

Of course this is normal - any CMS developers try to make it suitable for ANY situation. But your website presents only ONE situation - your business, your content, your edit needs. So in many cases, having a popular CMS for your website forces you to live with all those million features which you will never use, but will always "spend" your mind resources :) In worst cases - within those million features there may be NO THAT ONE which you need!

So what is the solution? There is at least one. When you order your business website development, or your company website redesign - tell your web design company what you will need to update on your website from time to time - content wise, and ask to come out with a SIMPLE CUSTOM CMS solution, which will let you to control ONLY things you need to control. And if your web developer has enough experience and skills - this will be done, and you will be happy easily maintaining your website.

In other words, here is the trick - order custom things, matching exactly your needs. If you want a custom sports car - this can be very costly. But in case of website development and CMS development - this may cost million times less :)  And why not to get profit from this?

14 Aug 2012