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Web Design Tip of the Day - How to get Peace of Mind with your website

According to our broad experience in web design, incuding visual aspects development - logos, website layouts, animations and different effects - we've noticed quite an often situation related to personal design preferences of website owners.

So here is the situation - you own a website, or your website is being developed right now, or redesigned - by a team of web designers. Of course, most probably you have your preferences, such as colors, shapes, elements disposition. In other words - you can tell your web designer what do you LIKE - and this makes it easier to design the website look which you will love and accept. But, in some cases it happens that you may NOT KNOW what do you like (quite a rare case though) - this makes it not so easy for your web designer to come out with something you will love.

In any case, when you see something ready, even if it meets your initial guidelines - you may not like it, or not all of it. Or you even may not know what's wrong, but you don't like it. You ask the web designer to make some changes, come out with some examples etc... and as any creative process - this can continue infinitely, making you just not happy about your website.

Now let's look at it from another side. You need to fairy accept two facts:

1. Yes, there are some common design rules which make anything look good - design wise. But when it comes to some small aspects or variations - GOOD or NOT GOOD depends only on YOUR PERCEPTION. In other words - if you're not sure you like something - this doesn't mean nobody likes it. At least your designer likes it :) This means some other people DO LIKE it too, at the least.

2. Think purpose. Think about what your website is supposed to do. And within this purpose - does it matter at all that piece of design, where you're not sure you love it. In 99% cases - this absolutely doesn't matter. In other words - imagine you're your website visitor, and not owner - and see if you care about "that" at all.

So, hopefully those some facts will help you to get piece of mind about your website look and design, if you are a "picky" person.

13 Aug 2012