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Ecommerce Website for your Business - Relief or a Headache?

Absolutely - online sales give incredible perspectives for any business where they are possible. Almost any business that sells goods has e-commerce website today. But of course - more sales means not only more income, but also more administrative and technical work required.

Let's look at the technical side of things. Depending on which products are being sold online - the e-commerce website should function in a different way, and different problems may appear. For example, if you sell flowers & gifts and deliver them your ecommerce website will allow clients to configure their own bouquets or gifts, greeting cards attached etc. If you sell clothes - clothes e-commerce website should allow clients to select sizes, colors, styles, and track products availability.

But what happens if your products have "too much" configuration options? For example, when we were working on Soul 2 Sole shoes ecommerce website it came out that shoes could be selected by following criteria: size, heel size, and color for each specific model. Additionally, the e-commerce system should track the stock - in order clients can order only those goods, which are available at the moment.

So it’s turned that website administrator should keep track online of how many shoes are left in stock for each model, with each size, and respectively with each heel size and each color. Quite brainstorming, isn't it? But even if the staff person can learn to work with this, on the front-end every website visitor will face with almost same problem.

Imagine, on a website you find shoes model you like, then you see colors and select preferred color, then you can see which sizes are available with this color. If your size is available, you select it and can see which heel sizes are available with your size. Correct - this doesn't look very easy and user friendly, except for professional shopoholics of course (haha).

There are thousands competing websites over the Internet, and most of people will shop on those where they can do it in one click rather than in two or three... this should be taken into account.

So what is the solution? How to ease management job for store administrator, and simplify sale process for clients? Of course, only compromise. In case of shoes sales we came to dividing different colors and heel sizes to separate products, leaving only shoe sizes for user choice on chosen shoes product page. This also facilitated administrator’s life - visually it’s now left to manage stock for sizes only.

Conclusion: when you're building or upgrading your e-commerce website think out and discuss management and sales process features with your web development company. Note that the most important things is to simplify order process for users, and the second one is to simplify life for the e-commerce website manager. Then together you can come out with a great solution for your business.

27 Aug 2012